Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Handmade Frame.

I am in love with my latest creation!!

This time I experiment it with FrostedColours together with my new Black Grout. Turned out, the photo frame looked not only nice but GREAT!

Don't believe? See this!

I did this just by using F1002 and F1003. Simple as that! My god.

It's pretty like heaven. =D

Friday, 17 June 2011


I'm so glad to post my post here today as I am going to announce not one but TWO promotions going on in MosaicSquare.


There will be a FREE mystery gift for purchase more than RM50. Happy not?


There will be a 10% discount for ALL return customer! Do let me know if you are a return customer alright!!! 

Now, tell me that you are happy. Hehehehe!

On a sidenote. S1002, S1003, S1007, S1008, is out of stock! And F1004 is down to the LAST UNIT!

Place your order NOW!! 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Almost finish!

Arghhhh another 2 more colours going out of stock! Not that I'm complaining but thanks to all the orders, really appreciated and I am really feeling joyful that there are people out there sharing the same hobby as I'm.
Shall make my restock next month. Any idea what should I stock in?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mosaic Jewelery Box

Hey my new idea is up! It's a Mosaic-ed Jewelery Box!!

Imagine this DIY yet looking exquisite jewelery box on your make up table, how nice would it be? Even better if it's a gift from your dear friends or loved ones.

I used yellow, beige, white and shimmering gold colour, (which 3 of them are not available for sale, yet) but you can always spur your creativity with the 12 colours available right?

If you love to have your ideas or mosaic-ed items featured here and share with the other readers, don't be shy to send it to

Quick, SolidColous and FrostedColours are still available!

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