Monday, 27 August 2012

Testimonial 3.

This testimonial is from one of our very satisfied customer, Theressa.

Photo frame, something very common and maybe outdated, but with the touch of mosaics it's turned into a gift full with sincerity. This is a gift for my partner during our first anniversary.
-Theressa, August 2011-

I am personally touched by this. Wishing you both the best in future.

Friday, 24 August 2012

FrostedSeries - F1007 *new*

FrostedSeries - F1006 *new*

SolidSeries - S1014 *new*

FrostedSeries - F1005 *new*

Tesimonial 2

We have received quite a number of feedbacks and testimonials, and it's time to publish some. Below is the testimonial from Carol.

This is my very first mosaic frame project. It may look quite tough in the first placeAfter started, I fell in love with it. It's indeed very easy to do, coupled with patience and determination.The soft shades are very nice, and I decided to give it as a gift to my best friend for the birth of her new born baby girl.
-Carol, July 2011-

And this is her handmade mosaic frame. Lovely isn't it?

MosaicSquare refurbished!

Yess you should notice the new design and layout by now. I have switched the layout to provide an easier accesibility.

You may now navigate the side via the left sidebar, which you can scroll faster compared to my previous layout. To view them in categories, you may use the Category button on the right (it'll pop out when you move your mouse over).

I have also added instruction pages on the top for new readers to understand more about this site.

I really hope that you will like this new layout and if you have any feedback, PLEASE do not hesitate to drop me an email at

ShimmeringSeries - C1006.

ShimmeringSeries - C1005.

ShimmeringSeries - C1004.

ShimmeringSeries - C1003.

ShimmeringSeries - C1002.

ShimmeringSeries - C1001.

FrostedSeries - F1004.

FrostedSeries - F1003.

FrostedSeries - F1002.

FrostedSeries - F1001.

SolidSeries - S1013.

SolidSeries - S1012.

SolidSeries - S1011.

SolidSeries - S1010.

SolidSeries - S1009.

SolidSeries - S1008.

SolidSeries - S1007.

SolidSeries - S1006.

SolidSeries - S1005.

SolidSeries - S1004.

SolidSeries - S1003.

SolidSeries - S1002.

SolidSeries - S1001.

MosaicSquare under construction.

Hi dear readers,

Please don't be shocked at the new look of MosaicSquare. It is under construction to cater for easy accessibility and comfortable readings. In the mean time, you may find some posts missing, some extra filler posts, but it is mainly due to the construction. I hope this wouldn't take long.

In the mean time, happy mosaic-ing OK!

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