Friday, 29 April 2011


Here's a testimony from one of our customer, Janice.

I bought two designs as for a gift to my lover for anniversary. I prefer to use "random" pattern as it only needs minimal planning and I can just stick as I like. I also didn't use the grout because I like the glossy feel. There are still quite a lot of mosaics leftover after the making, which I would try to add into my next design. Seriously, it's so easy and FUN! The whole frame just cost me 20minutes and it's wonderful. My lover likes it! 
Oh, and a bad news, I am addicted to mosaics! 
-Janice, April 2011-

and below is the picture of the frame that she sent me.

Wonderful isn't it. Janice told me that she did hide a Love symbol among the random pattern for her lover, can you spot it?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Promotion has ended.


Thanks for all the orders and supports.! It was overwhelming. Sad to say, the promotion has ended. No more free shipping. =]

But still, please do enjoy mosaic-ing OK!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Postpone of contest, but FREE SHIPPING provided!

I am truly sorry to announce that the contest date is going to be postponed, due to my busy schedule. Very very sorry for that.

And to compensate my reader, I am providing FREE SHIPPING!! Yes you hear me right, FREE especially for my fellow readers over here!! LOL!!

There won't be any minimum quantity, any order will fulfill the requirement for this promotion. FREE shipping is only available for orders received from today (14th April, 2011) until next Thursday (21st April, 2011) 5pm. All orders and payment must be confirmed and made by then.

Hope you like this promotion. =]

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A contest!

I have decided!!

Remember about my previous posting where something's brewing? I have decided!

It's gonna be a CONTEST! And you know what? The prizes are gonna be photo frame sets here given out entirely FREE!

Hmm don't rush me. I'm still drafting up the rules and T&C.

Stay tuned OK!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Something brewing..

Was thinking.. Since my site is still fairly stranger to most, what should I do to break some ice?

Should I give some freebies out? Like, let's say, some FREE mosaic photo frames?

Or give some free links out?

Hmm.. What say you?

Tips for MosaicDIY - Grout.

It's OPTIONAL for you to add in the grout in your mosaic designed photo frames.

If you don't have your frame to look so messy, you can just make a design without the grout. Just stick all the mosaic side by side to each other without leaving empty spaces. Simple as that.

Sample of mosaicDIY photo frame WITHOUT grout.

A perfect gift for Valentines or anniversaries. =]

P/S : Grout is the WHITE CLAY thing that you stuff between the mosaics, which is not available in this photo frame.

P/P/S : The quantity of the mosaics sold is more than enough for designs with or without grout.

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