Friday, 29 April 2011


Here's a testimony from one of our customer, Janice.

I bought two designs as for a gift to my lover for anniversary. I prefer to use "random" pattern as it only needs minimal planning and I can just stick as I like. I also didn't use the grout because I like the glossy feel. There are still quite a lot of mosaics leftover after the making, which I would try to add into my next design. Seriously, it's so easy and FUN! The whole frame just cost me 20minutes and it's wonderful. My lover likes it! 
Oh, and a bad news, I am addicted to mosaics! 
-Janice, April 2011-

and below is the picture of the frame that she sent me.

Wonderful isn't it. Janice told me that she did hide a Love symbol among the random pattern for her lover, can you spot it?

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